KMLT protects over one and a half acres of shoreline along North Lake with a conservation easement. Owners of the property wanted to assure the permant protection of their hill prairie remnant along the shore.

Please note this conserved property is PRIVATE and not open for public use!

Charlotte Adelman and Bernard Schwartz recognized the importance of intact native ecosystems on their lake shore property and wanted to ensure their protection. So in 2006, they donated a conservation easement to the Kettle Moraine Land Trust. The conservation easement protects increasingly rare undeveloped lakeshore habitat and includes a hill prairie, wetlands and oak woodlands. These lands are home to a diversity of bird species and wildlife and also provide important food resources. Spring peepers, chorus frogs, green frogs and other amphibians depend on the wetlands for crucial reproduction areas.

Bernard and Charlotte

By protecting the conservation values of their property, Charlotte and Bernard are also protecting water quality and aquatic habitat of North Lake. Without a conservation easement, future owners of Charlotte and Bernard’s property could potentially build homes on the steep hillsides. Driveways and rooftops accelerate the amount of water running off the land increasing erosion potential and causing diminished water quality.

The Kettle Moraine Land Trust shares the common value of preserving natural resources and by accepting the donated easement agrees to defend the conservation easement in perpetuity against any threats. A conservation easement is legally binding and any future owner of the property must uphold the restrictions that protect the property’s natural resources. Charlotte and Bernard continue to own and enjoy their property knowing that it will always be host to the plants, birds and wildlife they love.

Both Bernard and Charlotte are authors of a book titled The Midwestern Native Garden, Native Alternative to Nonnative Flowers and Plants, An Illustrated Guide. This is the second book devoted to native ecosystems and plants that the couple has written and is a beautiful guide to native plants that can easily replace many of the commonly sold greenhouse varieties that offer little benefit to butterflies, birds, bees and other vital pollinators. This talented couple is also the author of The Prairie Directory of North America.

The Kettle Moraine Land Trust is appreciative of Charlotte and Bernard’s many talents but most importantly we are thankful for their vision to protect lands that will now continue to be available for wildlife forever.

Read an article about using native plant flowers to attract butterflies by Midwest Living as recommended by the owners of this property:

During 2016, the North Lake property was donated to the The Prairie Enthusiasts. Primary contact is Walter Mirk who can be contacted by e-mail on

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