Jackson Creek Preserve is located along Jackson Creek, just east of Highway 67 and south of Elkhorn. The creek flows east to west through the property and then through a culvert located under Highway 67 to Delavan Lake. This preserve protects native prairie/fen and provides a view of beautiful native flowers for the community. It comprises 9.4 acres of wetland south of Jackson Creek and 12.9 acres on the north side. The parcel also includes 1.1 acres of upland old field.

The property was donated in 2003 to Walworth County Land Conservancy (WCLC) by Mel and Connie Helms during the development of the Jackson Creek Subdivison located along the preserve's southern border. Prairie restoration in the northeastern corner (old field) was done during 2006 using WHIP grant funds from the NRCS. The WCLC was renamed Land Trust of Walworth County (LTWC) in 2005 and merged into Kettle Moraine Land Trust during 2009.

Public access is limited to volunteers and contractors, as there is no on-site parking and no trails are planned for the future. The topography and wetness does not lend itself to a trail.

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