Kettle Moraine Land Trust has partnered with the Delavan Lake Improvement Association to develop a land conservation plan that will help reduce pollutants such as nutrients and sediments entering Delavan Lake. This plan will be developed as part of the Delavan Lake Watershed Initiative Network, which hopes to raise awareness about the watershed and work with its many stake-holders to improve and prevent lake water quality problems.

Delavan Lake is a drainage lake, with a drainage area of about 26,000 acres, or about 41 square miles. This large drainage area contributes to Delavan Lake water quality problems. Protecting and restoring native vegetation and hydrology in key areas of the watershed can reduce stormwater runoff entering the lake and help reduce pollutant loads to the lake.

Kettle Moraine Land Trust looks forward to working in partnerhip with the Delavan Lake Watershed Initiative Network to protect land that will provide benefits to many.

The Delavan Lake Watershed Initiative Network (WIN) is a new effort to protect and improve the entire Delavan Lake watershed that complements and coordinates the great things that many groups are doing for the Lake. WIN is a coalition of lake groups, municipalities, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and local citizens working together on projects to protect water quality and enhance local communities understanding of sound lake management practices.

Click here for a summary of the goals and achievements of the Delavan Lake WIN.

The initiative of the Delavan Lake community and Kettle Moraine Land Trust to create the Delavan Lake WIN has produced a successful framework for numerous public agencies and community organizations to work together and pool their knowledge, resources, and relative strengths to protect an important resource. As a result the WIN provides a huge benefit economically and culturally to the Delavan Lake community. The WIN clearly fills a need shared amongst all participants - to maximize impact and minimize individual investments in a time of tight budgets and limited resources. All our local lakes provide a wealth of benefits for surrounding communities and maintaining clean water is one of our nation's biggest environmental threats. The Kettle Moraine Land Trust is committed to fostering successful partnerships that promote responsible natural resource protection for Walworth County.

The Delavan Lake WIN has launched a website geared towards local residents, businesses, landowners and recreationists. The website, encourages people to change their daily habits to improve the quality of water in Delavan Lake. The site highlights opportunities to learn about the Delavan Lake watershed and stresses that the manner in which people conduct their daily activities changes the quality of water.

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