Click here to view a short video of the controlled burn moving along a section of wetland next to Jackson Creek.

Prescribed Burn contracted by Kettle Moraine Land Stewards on the west section of the Preserve - April 11, 2015:

Highway Warning Chris Instructs Fire Crew Herb Clears Backup Firebreak Herb Done Fire Fuel Test Burn Begins Fire Boundary - NE Corner Anchor Point Back Fire Along East Side of Burn Unit Chris Instructs Backfire On Southern Side Of Jackson Creek Herb Uses Indian Pump Backpack Sprayer To Control Fire Along Retention Pond Firebreak Maggie Spotted Along Creek Firebreak Backfire Extended Towards Highway Southern Side Burn Advances West Into Wind Creek Firebreak Controls Fire Along Northern Edge of Southern Burn Unit Crew Manages Fire Along Southern Firebreak Monitoring Burn At West Firebreak Wind Driven Fire Progresses Along Western Firebreak Southern Unit Fire Approaches Creek Firebreak Herb Uses Drip Torch To Start Western Boundary Fire In Northern Burn Unit Controlling Fire At Creek and Western Firebreaks - Note Southern Burn Unit Fire Jumped Creek Firebreak Burn Almost Completed Burned Wetland Revels Sedge Hummocks Burned Prairie With Brush Controlled Burned Prairie Exposes Deer Trail Old Bird Nest Survives Burn

Prescribed Burn contracted by EC3 on the north half of the Preserve - April 29, 2013:

Burning the north edge fire break Burning the east edge fire break Starting the southern edge of the burn along the creek Continuing the southern edge burn along the creek Fire moves rapidly across prairie Wet spots don't burn Completing the burn along the creek Monitoring the eastern fire break After the burn at eastern boundary Fire moves north east across prairie Middle of the burned prairie with brush Effective fire break on north Bird nest survives burn Old fencing ready to fall Clean burn along creek Burned prairie ash Job well done Larger brush survived burn Field edge fire break effective Preserve sign survives burn View across creek - burned north and unburned south Carefull fire control worked well

One week Later - Regrowth and Water Fowl Appear!

Nesting goose by creek in burned area Prairie regrowth starts quickly Ducks and goose along creek Burn killed much of the small brush

Preparing the old filed for restoration seeding during 2006 and the 2007 prescribed burn at Jackson Creek Preserve:

Winter Wheat after Roundup treatment preparing for prairie planting Mariette supervises seed sowing Lucas helping plant seeds Ron rolls planting area prairie planting cut Buckthorn burn burn stimulated native species Gerry and Mariette treated dandelions high water in Jackson Creek