Kettle Moraine Land Trust adopted Beulah Bog under the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin Adopt-A-Natural Area Program in 2009. Under this program KMLT has agreed to work to restore and manage this very special State Natural Area.

Wisconsin DNR now manages this site through the State Natural Areas Program and Kettle Moraine Land Trust is the Volunteer Steward.

Beulah Bog lies in a series of four kettle holes and features an undisturbed bog with many unusual plants more typical of northern bogs. Classical stages of ecological succession are exhibited in the bog including: a shallow bog lake dominated by watershield with white and yellow water-lilies and extensive floating mud flats; an advancing, quaking sedge and sphagnum mat between 25 and 50 feet wide; northern wet forest of tamarack and bog shrubs and; a wet open moat surrounding the main bog, dominated by wild calla and cat-tails.

Undisturbed bogs in this area are rare and the site supports a number of regionally rare plants with more northern affinities including dense cotton grass, large and small cranberry, and small bladderwort. The site harbors at least six species of insectivorous plants and the state-threatened plant, kitten tails (Bessya bullii), is also found here. The bog lake provides habitat for several dragonfly species and other invertebrates. Beulah Bog is owned by the DNR and was designated a State Natural Area in 1975.

Beulah Bog SNA Brochure
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