More Land Protected Through State & Federal Partnership

In February, 2014 the Trust acquired a 13 acre wetland parcel adjacent to the Turtle Creek Wildlife Area in the Town of Darien. This land was acquired in partnership with Ducks Unlimited and the Wisconsin DNR, and with grant funds from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Along with being excellent migratory waterfowl habitat; the sedge meadow wetland provides refuge for endangered reptiles and amphibians. The Wisconsin DNR has agreed to perpetually maintain this parcel in keeping with the management goals for their neighboring 1,035 acre Turtle Creek Wildlife Area. Due to a deed restriction on the property no hunting will be allowed. The Trust is pleased to be able to protect important wildlife habitat and increase our land holdings in the southern part of Walworth County.

Turtle Creek Preserve Landscape

Access to this Preserve is limited to foot traffic and WDNR maintenance equipment. The WDNR may mow access trails across the property to better connect users with their parking lot and the Turtle Creek Wildlife Area. The WDNR parking lot is located along County Highway M, just east of Springwood Drive.

2014 spring foliage at Preserve:

Oak Leaves Oak Leave Veins Skunk Cabbage and Stream Bed

View survey of Turtle Creek Survey_Springwood Subdivision.
View Turtle Creek access for WDNR trail and equipment access.
View Turtle Creek Wildlife Area map.
View Turtle Creek Preserve Management Plan.

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