During 2014, the Beulah Bluff Preserve prairie restoration of the homestead building sites has been started. The first steps included removing excess dirt piles, stones, bricks and building foundations, then backfilling the dome house foundation and basement hole. The garage area and nearby road surfaces were scraped to remove gravel, thern top soil stored on the property was used to backfill and regrade these areas. They will be reseeded with native plants in the fall. The deck will be rebuilt to provide an observation struction with a clear view of Lake Buelah and the Tamarack Swamp located on the Camp Charles Allis property across Beulah Heights Road. Clearingf of invasive brush was started on the steep sloped bank on the southern boundary of the Preserve during the 2014 EAHS Workday and continued during the 2015 EAHS Workday. A firebreak is being opened across the norther boundary of the Preserve to allow the use of prescribed fire to control invasive brush regrowth in the restored areas. During August, 2016, a brush mower was contracted to clear the northwestern prairie area of invasive brush like Buckthorn and Honeysuckle, leavinig mulched brush to help fuel the next prescribed burn.

The restoration plan:

Site Improvemetn Proposal

Excavator 4-2-2014:

Dale loading skid-steer from the tire wall dirt pile Filling the hole Garage and driveway area with gravel base removed East edge of reconstructed parking area is established Fill from nearby basement excavation is delivered Fill pushed into hole Fill distributed and compacted Top soil from site distributed into restoration areas Dump truck wheel settled into filled spetic tank Dump truck wheel settled into filled spetic tank Karl directs the dump truck recovery Restored areas graded with top soil Barn and fire pit areas with gravel removed Top soil piles removed from prairie Burn piles established from girdled Aspen trees Grading last load of fill across hole

Rototilled and Brush Cut 5-10-2014:

Home foundation backfill completed Site of stored topsoil rototilled and raked Buckthorn and Honeysuckle brush cut Praire area restored to grade, ready for seed germination

Deck Structure Lowered 7-31-2014:

Deck structure before lowering View of Lake Beulah at deck structure Don Squaring the corner before bolting it to the post Jim and Don reattaching the support posts Many hand clamps help with the task Jim, Gerry and Don rest after completing the deck lowering Evergreen with Sap Sucker damage located in future parking area Cutting down tree Jim, Gerry and Herb rest after lowering the deck structure

Installing Decking, Bench Seats, Platform Steps and Signage Posts 9-5-2014:

Sorting lumber delivery for workday Decking installation by Jim, Gerry and Ken gets underway Jerry and Maggie assemble the deck bench seat supports Herb and Maggie attach the first bench seat support Crew screwing down the decking Jerry starts step platform assembly Herb cutting bench seat material Bench Seating installed by Herb and Jim Platform steps installed and deck edge trimmed to structure shape Ken and Betsy enjoy the view of Lake Beulah and the native plants growing on the restored slope View from the completed deck

Display Case Construction 12-12-2014:

Display Case Back Assembly Display Case Front Trial Fit Display Case Front Finishing Display Case Back Finished

EAHS Spring Workday Brush Piles Burned 2-7-2015:

Gerry Managing Brush Burn Other Brush Piles Burning Driveway Snow Cover Gerry Cleans Up Burn Site

Prairie Brush Piles Burned 3-22-2015:

Gerry feeding the burning brush pile Burning brush pile at end of the day

Display Case Roof and Installation 3-22-30-2015:

Display case roof Shingles applied to roof Display Case Posts Installation Complete

Driveway Plus Parking Area Grade, Stone and Roll 4-16-2015:

Parking Area Graded By Gavers Pavers Upper Driveway Graded Step Section of Driveway Graded And Course Stone AddedDriveway Entrance Graded Gerry Rototilles Path From Parking To Deck Through Turf Crushed Limestone Delivery Spread While Dumping Adding Soil Excavated From Parking Area To Level Out House Area Fill Larger Stone for Parking Area Base Rototilling Completed And Stone Added To Path Spreading Stone In Parking Area Using Roller To Compact Parking Area Base Grading Crushed Limestone To Form Surface Rolling Crushed Limestone Surface Herb Tests Path Area Grading With Stone Driveway Entrance Completed Steep Section Entrance Completed With Sideways Drainage Parking

Cleaning Up Brush Piles 6-11,7-9,7-27 and 7-31-2015:

Gerry clearing the slope Don loading brush into his trailer Don and Gerry secure the load of brush Gerry and Nancy haul brush off slope Herb compacting the brush load Load completed by this crew.jpg Happy the loading is done Don, Gerry, Kathleen and Chander unload the trailer Empty trailer - job well done! Distributed burn piles Brush left on the slope Slope cleared of brush Gerry's burn pile Herb's burn pile

Clearing Brush Along Northern Boundary For Firebreak August - October, 2015:

North boundary entrance from Bakavi Way First brush pile, started by EASH student volunteers Deer trail leading south from north boundary Herb cutting Honeysuckle from fire break Jerry clearing brush near second boundary sign Jim Built this brush pile Continuing east towards along boundary towards second boundary sign Gerry removing invasive species from Indian Grass Prairie Buckthorn removed from west side of Indian Grass Prairie Mushroom growing in firebreak - 10-8-2015 Puffball growing in firebreak - 10-8-2015 Hen of the Woods growing in firebreak - 10-8-2015

Removing 4 Dead Ash Trees near Observation Deck & Parking Lot October 22, 2015:

Dead Ash trees at top of slope near Observation Deck and Parking Lot Gerry cuts down first tree Gerry cuts up tree into firewood, branches and Fish Crib Logs Display case cork reattachment project started by Melissa Dale and Jim build the firewood pile Herb cleans up notch in large tree after performing the plung cut Herb installs wedges into plung cut and Dale strings safety line Dale, Gerry and Jim pull on safety line to ensure a safe landing Dust rising as tree hits parking area, on target Dale cuts up tree into firewood Melissa completes the Display Case restoration Happy logging crew after a job well done

Brush Pile Burns January 13, 14 and February 4, 2016:

Gerry tends the two burn piles at the bottom slope along Beulah Heights Road Gerry (pitchfork man) manages burn of pile next to the Observation Deck EAHS brush pile near apple tree now ashes Fire started in the first of three brush piles along the northern boundary. These pile were moved south by skid-steer and into uncleared portions of the boundary. Gerry clears standing brush around pile Second pile near Bakavai Way at end of workday First pile (center) at end of workday Fire started in third pile (east) Gerry trying to spread the fire to the other side of the pile Pitchfork man victory pose

Prescribed fire on April 23, 2016, led by Chris Mann:

Pre Planning Meeting. Roadway. Lighting The Hillside. Prairie Hillside. Burning Through Brush. Lighting The Interior.

Contracted Brush Mowing/Mulching at Beulah Bluff Preserve during August 19-20, 2016

Click here to view a 50MB video of the brush mower/mulcher operated on the north side of the entrance driveway at Beulah Bluff Preserve.

Click here to see more photos of the mowed site.