The Tarman-Ramcheck family is leading the deconstruction of the buildings on the Beulah Bluff Preserve, starting in July, 2013, ahead of the contracted date! Much of the material is targeted for reuse, either in its orginal form (construction lumber) or via recycling programs (metal and tires). Kettle Moraine Land Trust has and will continue to organize workdays to help the family with the deconstruction tasks. If you are interested in participating, please contact Herb Sharpless the KMLT Stewardship Chair at 630.460.5414.

Worksite photos are organized with most recent shown first!

On 12/7/13, the dome structure shell and foundation were burned by the East Troy Fire Department:

Fire Department supervised burn starts Fire builds through the upper story Firemen ignite basement with a flare Firemen monitor fire for spreading onto property East Troy Fire Department vehicles on site Protecting the deck foundation Water for fire suppression Nearby trees sprayed to prevent burning Fire spreads throught whole structure Dome structure collapses Eric and Tom monitor the burn Herb and Eric warmed by the fire It was cold - froozen spray Fire consumes wooden foundation Karl's skid-steer pushes burned tree into foundation fire Bill's idea for deck preservation worked Eric at the burn completion

Loading Dome for East Troy Fire Department burn:

Wood added to support fire Brush added to support fire Dome fuel loaded

Garage removal:

Garage walls removed Garage with portion of roof removed Nail spill Collecting removed nails with magnet Taking apart roof framing All down but the posts Jim still standing

Contracted work on site - absestos abatement and septic system abandonment:

Contracted asbestos removal - floor covering Septic tank pumped and filled

Recycle tires,install boundary signs, remove floor framing joists and take down old barn timbers:

Used tires recycled Ten Boundary signs installed Removing ceiling joists Knocking off the ceiling drywall Kitchen post down Kichen ceiling timber down Cowboy Way to lower timbers

Recycle bath tub metal, old barn timbers and remove subfloor to expose floor framing joists:

Locating framing joists Bill uses cats paw to remove subfloor nails Subflooring removed Recycle old barn timbers from west entrance Tub metal ready to recycle Breaking up cast iron bath tub

Moving the metal storage shed at Bill's new home with Don's tractor:

New location More towing towards back yard Across driveway and set for towing across lawn Moving across driveway and lawn First leg of journey completed Keeping rollers under the towed shed Hooking up shed to tractor Shed moving equipment arrives Shed ready to move Shed before move

Removing the tool storage shed:

Corner posts down Herb cut them and Bill pushed them Side wall removed and cedar siding saved Back wall disassembly

Removing deck surface, leaving the foundation for KMLT to build an observation deck:

Decking removed, leaving support structure for new observation deck Bill starts decking removal

Removing the "fish cleaning shed":

Fish Cleaning shed removed Jean retires his worn boots More Cowboy Way deconstruction Little salvage possible Cowboy Way deconstruction

Removing the garage door (sold on Craig's List), excess firewood and house basement materials:

Hauling cut firewood to truck Discussing basket making class Special electrical connection? Bill salvages garage door

Taking the rest of the barn apart and denailing the saved lumber:

Just flooring and fireplace left Rest of walls coming down Bill removes the front rafters Back wall is down Jean removing trim next to the yellow jackets home Taking apart the rafters over the greenhouse Jim denails the saved lumber Bill is all smiles with the progress Jean disconnecting the electric feed PK locates the do not walk areas of greenhouse roof Volunteers PK, Jean and Jim Brothers reunited? Bill removes part of barn flooring/foundation Second half of barn ready for deconstruction House screened entrance removed Tires ready for recycling Rest of tire wall removed by Habitat group

First public workday: starting the removal of the tire wall, barn shingles and the chicken coop:

Ken and Herb disassemble chicken coop Kitty, Nancy and Betsy remove shingles Herb clears vines from chicken coop Linda removes tire from dirt Kathy saves her stone collection Nancy cleans up removed shingles Kitty starts tire wall removal